Apple Music vs Spotify: Who Will Win?

We all know of two (if not more) music streaming services: Apple Music (formerly known as iTunes) and Spotify. Both of them are getting more and more competitive; parallel to getting better and better.

Apple Music and Spotify are both extremely good services, with their benefits and downsides.

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First, let’s talk about Apple Music. I used the Indian version of it for 7 or 8 months (only because it is cheap), and the U.S. version for 3 or 4 months. One thing I like about it is that it has lyrics for almost EVERY song, unlike Spotify, which only has limited songs with lyrics, while it doesn’t even show all the lyrics. Apple Music also has great integration with Genius, which even though Spotify uses it for its lyrics (and Apple Music doesn’t, or at least doesn’t claim to), but you can watch their “Verified” series straight from Apple Music. Apple Music also has great user-interface and is VERY user-friendly. What I like about Apple Music’s user-interface is that you can easily find new music with their “Browse” tab and their “Trending” feature in the “Search” tab. With Apple Music, you can even listen to “Beats 1” radio, and radio (like “Movin’ 92.5” from Seattle) in general. And even though I don’t use Apple Music anymore (I use Indian Spotify, once again because of the price), I still go on there for around 30 minutes, browse for new music, and then go onto Spotify and find the music I want to listen to, which is a big pain in the butt (but I still do it anyway). What I don’t like about Apple Music though, is the lack of being able to add friends so you can start listening to something, and then your friend can listen to the same music as you without having to tell them what music you are listening to. And the last thing about Apple Music is that even with non-U.S. subscriptions, you can get EVERY English song on there, whereas on Spotify, I can’t listen to some of my favorite artists.

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Now for Spotify, I like how you can listen to your friends’ music with a simple click (on a computer). If you are on mobile when your friend is listening to something it will show up on the top of the home page. (Well, at least I think so. Don’t quote me). I also just love how easy Spotify is to listen to podcasts; you don’t have to open a new app like Apple Music, you can use the same app. I also like how if you listen to something on your phone, in the middle you just close the app, and you can listen to the same song, same time, on the same device or even other devices. But with Spotify, when you go to Music: Albums: and choose one, there are all the album’s songs, instead of just the songs that you added to your library (or liked). Another thing about Spotify is how downloading songs is very FAST! Like, when I had to restore my iPhone 7+ (long story short, I kept typing in my password wrong), 941 songs and 48 podcasts downloaded in less than 5 minutes, whereas with my experiences with Apple Music, one song downloaded in over 2 minutes.

I could go on and on about the Pros and Cons about both software, but I am just going to do a tally count on Pros and cons (btw there are MANY more pros and cons, but these are all the ones I found):

Apple Music


Cons: IIIII I (6)


Pros: IIIII II (7)

Cons: IIIII III (8)

So from my research, I found that Apple Music has more pros and fewer cons. Although these are only some of the pros and cons of both of the applications, these were the ones I found most useful. Keyword: I. this is still just my opinion and perspective, I still love both, and if I could, I would have subscriptions to both of these apps. But sadly, money doesn't grow on trees.

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