Is buying an iPhone 8 in 2020 worth it?

Today I am going to discuss if whether buying an iPhone 8 in 2020 is worth it or not. Obviously it has its pros and cons, so here are some of the pros: small chassiss to fit in your hand well, touch id on the home button if you prefer it, A11 processor, which is more than enough for your average consumption, as well as 1821 mAH of battery life on the base and plus versions (should last you about 14 hours). That's a lot of pros, but now lets get to the cons: Small 4.7 inch display (5.5 inch on the plus) with huge bezels, no options for face id, the swipe gestures don't work, instead of tap to wake the display is raise to wake (which honestly isn't a big deal but there are a LOT of people who will just whine and cry about it), the processor might not handle mobile gaming, and other things which need a lot of processor power as well as some processors (such as the A13), and the processor will start getting old soon, so iOS 15 would be the last software the A11 will support.

So I feel the iPhone 8 is a good pick up for seniors/eldors, and young teens. For more mid-aged people, the 8+ is a good pickup. As you can see so far, the iPhone 8/8+ is a great phone for average people who don't need a lot of processor power, a great camera, and a small design, but aren't willing enough to go older. Also great for people who are looking for a short-term phone to figure out if they want android or iOS, but don't want to spend a lot of money.

Link to iPhone 8 and iPhone 8+.

Vivaan Sharma

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