Roblox: Why it is my favorite game at this moment.

So if you have looked at my bio yet then you probably know I am a gamer, and to be a gamer you have to play video games. So you probably already know my 4 favorite video games if you have looked at my bio (Roblox, Super Mario Odyssey, Forza Horizon and Minecraft).

So here is why I really like Roblox: you can build your own games (for free) which can boost a young child's creativity a lot, as well as being able to choose from hundreds of millions of games to play. I have a lot of fun playing games such as Bee Swarm Simulator & Jailbreak with my friends and by myself, because of how different these creators think compared to creators of games such as Hello Neighbor. Roblox allows different average people to create games for other people to play (and maybe spend some virtual currency), which I feel allows the games to feel much more creative than games which are not on Roblox. When I play Roblox, it makes me feel like I am controlling the actual game, instead of just controlling my character.

Roblox is one of the most popular video games in 2019: the 6th most popular game according to Ranker. Roblox also allows people on most platforms able to join into the fun: iOS (iPadOS included), Android, Windows 10, MacOS, and xBox One. There are different games which work best on different devices: Basically all work perfectly on computer and xBox, and parkour games are the best option if you are on mobile. There are many different genres of games as well: RPG, Story, Simulator, Action, Horror and many more.

So now you have heard all the reasons I really like Roblox. You can find a link to the Roblox home page by clicking here.

Happy New Year! See you all next decade! 2020!

Vivaan Sharma

Vivaan Sharma

Hi, I am a gamer and streamer as well as son of @Jay Sharma. I love to play games such as Minecraft, Roblox, Forza, and Super Mario Odyssey. You can follow my twitch:
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