Why Cell Phones Should (and Shouldn't) be in Schools

In my school, we are studying why cell phones should and should not be in schools during English. I want them in schools because to me, the pros of having cell phones in schools outweigh the cons. So here are my pros:


If there are cell phones in school, then students can contact their parents if they forgot their lunch, homework, snack, or pencil case. If they need to go to a friend's house for a study meeting, they can easily contact their parents and let them know where they are. If the student is needing to contact their parent(s) for any other reason, they can easily do so.

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Educational Purposes

There are tons of educational apps and games for mobile devices. A few which come to the top of my head are Khan Academy, Stack the States / Countries, Ready4 SAT, and ABCMouse. There are many more which support students with a variety of subjects; from math to history. There are also dictionary apps that students can use to look up definitions and spellings of words. Teachers can also use Kahoot! to quiz students about the lesson, or poll students about how they are socially doing.

So as you have read, there are lots of upsides about having cell phones and/or tablets in school. Now, since I am not biased, I will talk about the downsides of having mobile devices in schools.

Security Concerns

If hundreds of people are using their cell phones to call their parents during an emergency, the radio waves that the cell phone transmits might interfere with the cell phone system, which means the teachers might not be able to call the police or other professionals. As well as that, if students' parents are entering the school, then professionals might have trouble getting inside the school and getting everyone out safely.


Theft is also a big concern in schools. In January 2012, 13 high school students were arrested for stealing around $4000 worth of mobile devices from their classmates. The number of devices stolen was 24. What is not fair is that teachers say that theft of devices is the students' fault for not taking care of it, even if they left it in a safe place.

Distractions & Too Much Screen Time

Even though having devices in school can be a good thing, too much screen time is dangerous to the human brain and eyes. If a student already spends 2-4 hours at home, then adding on to that with school time can affect the eyes with all the UV light a screen emits. During free time, a student can be playing violent games which can affect the brain to thinking things such as zombies are real. If during lessons, the student gets a text and starts having a conversation with their friends, it can be a big distraction, because they are not doing their work. They could be playing games or checking social media instead of following the directions, which would mark the task as incomplete, and lower their grade.

So at the end of the day, everyone has their own opinion, and there is no right or wrong. There are good things and bad things to having access to the devices in school. So no matter what you think, people are gonna agree, and disagree.

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