Why is YouTube possibly deleting all the videos that are not making money? And is it really a good idea?

I recently found out that YouTube is planning on deleting all videos that don't make money. At first, I thought that Susan Wojcicki (CEO of YouTube) was going coo-coo, but then I realized it might be a decent idea. I have 2 YouTube channels, one with 28 subscribers and the other with 21. That is not enough to make money since you need at least 1k subscribers to even earn a cent.

I dug deeper into this situation and found out that keeping all these videos is costing YouTube 21 terabytes PER DAY. That is around a few exabytes so far! And YouTube has to pay for all this storage, so if all they are doing is buying storage and not making money off of it, what is the point? Now I have decided to be on Twitch instead of YouTube since I found out about this situation. I have spent in total at least 90 hours of hard-work recording, editing, publishing, and making thumbnails across my two channels, and now this is all going to waste?!

So now I suggest not even planning on making a YouTube channel unless you are friends with someone famous or if you are willing to use "Sub-Bot", which could get you potentially banned. I feel like this is a smart move on Google's end, but unfair to all the millions of YouTube channels which are POSSIBLY terminated. I can not confirm anything yet, but I will keep all the new information upon this site.

Currently, I am not sure what to do with YouTube considering all of this deletion stuff, as well as the whole COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) situation, which I understand, but it is putting a lot of channels at risk. And, hey, guess what? So is this deletion situation! They both have quite a lot in common: they both are to do with YouTube, they both are putting a lot of channels to risk (obviously one is risking more), and they both can potentially lose Google a lot of money - from lawsuits filed against them, or fines. So as you can see, YouTube is just a big mess, so I would (and am) trying to stay out of it.

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